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Thread: Calling a function from Ext.xTemplate

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    Default Calling a function from Ext.xTemplate

    I have the problem in using this code:

    var abc = new Ext.xTemplate (
    '<b>Name: </b> : {name}',
    '</br><b>City: </b> : {city}',
    '</br><a onclick="abc('{name}')">View Address</a> '
    abc: function(name)

    ques: My requirement is to call a function abc, but giving error like 'Object Expected'; I tried to define this function in between <head> </head>, but not working. How to use this

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    your code is not clear and it has no valid syntax. If you write a clearer (and working) example I may try to give you a help. Please use CODE tag (the # in post formatting toolbar) when putting code examples.

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    You do not use inline event handlers in modern web apps.

    Add a click listener to your main element and use the delegate option to select the target element type.

    But that is not your code. There's no such class as "xTemplate"

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    djn, don't use a Javascript framework if you're not comfortable with Javascript itself.
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