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Thread: How to pass complex types in DirectMethod?

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    Default How to pass complex types in DirectMethod?

    Hello ExtJS Gurus.
    I need to pass complex objects to DirectMethod. For instance, I tried to pass Array instead of primitives in given examples but it failed with following error "System.Exception: Cannot create and populate list type System.Object."

    where the server code looks
    		public void SaveData(string[] names)
    and client code
     CardService.SaveData(["Andrew","Golik"] , (function(e, result) {
    Should I make some mappings? or what?
    thanks in advance.

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    AFAIK the standard PollingProvider does not support composite types. It shouldn't be too hard to add this to a custom PollingProvider though. The dispatcher on the server side needs modification as well, of course.

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    You can use JsonArray as argument type
    public void SaveData(JsonArray jsonArray)
             Gson gson = new Gson(); 
          YourCustomClass obj = gson.fromJson(jsonArray, YourCustomClass.class);

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