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Thread: guideline: Writing a client for an existing win32 client server application

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    Default guideline: Writing a client for an existing win32 client server application

    I am a client server developer focused on Delphi win32 developement.

    I'd like to ask here for the main points I need to undersand to accomplish my task that is "create a webclient with Sencha Touch for an existing app". I don't expect a full answer, what I am trying to get here is a guideline to find the solution at every question.

    The idea is "server backend is made in Delphi, so I reuse my existing code", SenchaTouch does the rest.

    Even if I am not an expert I can imagine that 4 things must be done:

    1) manage session and security (different users can login at the same time, how do I keep memory of the user in Sencha Touch)?

    2) manage login with https (how to do that)

    3) how to load session-wise data to senchatouch? Which is the best technique?

    4) How to write data from sencha touch to server?

    So what I hope you can tell me is how i can get a little more knowledge in the 4 fields listed above, considering I am a newbie and all I did in sencha touch is running and understanding some easy demos among the ones that ship with sencha touch.

    I hope you can help me with this first step so I can investigate further.

    (I can imagine many developers are in my same condition, so I hope this can be helpful to others too)

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    As a preface to all these, NEVER TRUST THE CLIENT!

    1) You don't, this would all be managed on the server. Before you do any request, you'd recheck authentication to ensure the user is who they say they are.

    2) Ditto, you'd do an ajax request to the server, the server responds.

    3) Ajax request for simple data. For more complicated data, use stores.

    4) Use the writers in the data package.
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