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Thread: [Ext 3.2] SSL bug with Ext.Window

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    Default [Ext 3.2] SSL bug with Ext.Window

    Am i correct in assuming that this piece of code (part of Ext.Window.onRender) results in a secure-nonsecure message when using SSL?

    And should href:'#' be replaced with href:Ext.SSL_SECURE_URL?

    // this element allows the Window to be focused for keyboard events
    this.focusEl = this.el.createChild({
    tag: 'a', href:'#', cls:'x-dlg-focus',
    tabIndex:'-1', html: ' '});
    this.focusEl.swallowEvent('click', true);

    I'm not very versatile in reading the ext libraries and have no way of testing. Got the message from a client.

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    No, href:'#' shouldn't give you an 'insecure' message AFAIK.

    1. Did you configure Ext.BLANK_IMAGE_URL correctly?
    2. Are you using the 'icon' config option in buttons?

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    We have a large application running and ran into this problem before with an iframe of our own making. We were able to solve the problem by replacing the '#' with 'blank.htm' and including that file in the app. Now a customer reports that he gets this message specifically when using a window in the app. We use a lot of icons and they don't cause the problem. That's why I assumed that this href, that appears when the window is shown, might cause the problem. I can't find any other probable cause.

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    I specifically mean 'icon' and not 'iconCls' (the latter one doesn't have any problem).

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    Sorry, I can confirm that I have no clue what causes the message, I was on the wrong track.
    Unfortunately your suggestions don't provide the answer either. It is most likely something in our ajax response handling and has nothing to do with ext.

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