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Thread: Question about Designer scrollbar size

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    Default Question about Designer scrollbar size

    Hi folks... I'm not sure if this is actually a bug, or maybe a feature request, so I posted it here as a generic question

    When using Designer on Windows, I noticed that the scrollbars on things like the Toolbox, Component Config and Components sections are thinner width-wise that standard Windows scrollbars. This is a bit of a usability issue in my experience because it frankly is harder to grab them and scroll than on most Windows apps.

    Firstly, do other people see this as well? I'd hate to think it's just something peculiar to my machine... assuming it's the way it is for everyone, is this an issue that is known and possibly going to be addressed? It makes using Designer a little more frustrating than it otherwise should be... such a seemingly minor thing can have a big impact sometimes


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    Hi Frank,

    We made the scrollbars thin so they didn't take up a lot of space. 99%+ of users have mouse wheels or the ability to scroll without grabbing the handles, so we thought this was a safe change.

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    Ah ok, that makes sense. I too have a wheel mouse but I guess it's just force of habit that I don't use it in a situation like that... probably a habit I should break It works just fine as you say, I'll get used to it.

    The only thing I would say, for whatever it's worth, is that *most* of the time changing a standard UI element like that isn't a great thing to do. One of the great things about GUIs in general, and Windows in particular, is that when people all develop with the same widget set, that consistency breeds accessibility in terms of knowing how things work automatically and things always working the same way. Especially here, I'm not sure the 10 or so pixels you save is really worth "breaking" what is a standard Windows element (breaking being a relative term in this case). Like the mouse wheel, one could argue that most people nowadays have high resolution monitors so 1 few pixels here and there isn't a big issue (even my parents I think have finally made the jump to 1024x768, even with their old-people eyes Although, is it a platform-specific thing, or is the width consistent across platforms? If the later then it's maybe not as bad, you could say cross-platform consistency matters more I suppose.

    It's not a big deal ultimately, especially given the wheel as you pointed out, and I appreciate the explanation. I think if it were me I'd make them the standard Windows width, but I'm certainly not going to lose sleep over it

    By the way, I wanted to mention that Designer is coming along quite nicely! When I first looked at it I felt it was a good first pass at such a tool and was good for prototyping, but I wasn't convinced it was ready for my team members to use for actual development. Looking at the latest version (the scrollbar thing aside I feel like now it is. I'm looking forward to seeing what's coming in the future, keep up the great work! If you'd like some suggestions I'm sure I can come up with a bunch

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