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Thread: [OPEN-596] text input and text area do not work on android predictive keyboards

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default [OPEN-596] text input and text area do not work on android predictive keyboards

    Hi all,

    The text input and text area form components do not work (from what i can see) with non required fields on android devices using predictive keyboards. (A very large percent of android users use alternate keyboards as the default keyboard is fairly tedious so this is a big deal).

    The test device:
    I'm testing this on a Nexus One device with Froyo 2.2 and the SlideIT keyboard.

    Software tested:
    I'm testing this on the forms demo from your examples section.

    Specific Problem area:
    The fieldset labeled "personal info" works just fine, and the other textareas and text fields within other fieldsets do not. the only difference i can see between the "personal info" fieldset and the others is that the personal info fieldset supplies a default "required" property. So I'm going to assume that is the problem, though it may be something else.(e.g. only first fieldset works or a myriad of other possibilities)

    The exact bug (behavior):
    When the keyboard attempts to add an entire word (instead of one character at a time) into one of these text inputs or text areas, nothing happens. When entering one character at a time, the inputs work properly. This is applicable anytime the keyboard is in predictive mode. The default keyboard seems to have prediction turned off when interacting with a sencha text input, yet alternate keyboards (like slideit or swype which allow you to compose an entire word with a single stroke, or learning keyboards like swyft) normally enter enter whole words at a time. When you try to enter an entire word at once, the text field simply doesn't accept the text. Does anyone know the reason for this or a simple fix?


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    Thanks for the report.

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    More info, in case it's helpful:

    I'm using a Droid X with v2.2 and the Swype keyboard. I'm able to enter whole words just fine, but it's not possible to delete them - a delete action with the cursor just to the right of the word deletes only the first letter of that word.

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    have you tried it in textfields other tan the first block (in the forms demo), on the slideIT keyboard it works fine on the first block of the kitchen sink -> forms demo, the block labeled "personal info", but it doesn't work for all subsequent blocks. I'll go ahead and try it out with the Swype keyboard as well and post my results shortly.

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    Alex, the swype beta is no longer available and the application is not available via the Android marketplace - so I'm unable to test it out.

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    Swype has been officially integrated into Android, so it's no longer a seperate app. You can enable it by going to Settings -> Language and Keyboard -> Input Method (on the Droid X, at least - not sure if it's laid out differently on yours).

    As for the issue with blocks, I assume you're talking about fieldsets? In that case, I haven't been able to replicate that - I haven't seen any difference across fieldsets.

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    Alex, Swype seems to sell their software directly to carriers/handset makers. The Nexus one does not come with swype and as far as I can see, there is no way to actually install that keyboard if your carrier or handset manufacturer doesn't provide it. The alternative is the slideIT which is roughly the same, which, as I noted, does not work with textareas in any fieldsets other than the first fieldset. Unless i can get this question answered and determine the scope of affected users, this bug is something of a dealbreaker with the platform. If you have a chance download the slideIT trial and give it a go.

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