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Thread: Ext.ux.CodePress

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    Default need help for setup codepress

    I've tried to setup Ext.ux.codepress without success. I followed the explantions of the demo page but I'm confused because there is a broken link to So I cannot download the codelib. Can anybody help me out?
    Thanks in advance!


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    Default Like to use, but can't.

    I see that your extention is really nice, but if you can't upgrade it to extjs 3.*, I will have to run it in compatibility mode(or an iframe with extjs 1.*). So my request is that you please update it to run on extjs 3.* It would be nice for everyone to have the functionality of CodePress in extjs 3.*. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Codepress Resize

    I had some issues where it would resize properly so added:

    	, setSize : function(width, height) {
    and all is well.

    Hope this helps someone

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    so hi at first,

    i have two problems with CodePress.

    1. works very poor with google chrome.

    2. how can i disable the codepress editor ?

    except these two problems which i have faced now, the editor is very good. thanks for your efforts evizion.

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