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Thread: Modal window over modal window

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    Question Modal window over modal window


    I create a modal window and from this window I open another modal window.
    Unfortunatelly this second window is not modal in relation with the first one.

    Is there a custom setting for this?


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    Sorry for posting this into open discussions, could please one of the admins move this to the "help" Forum.

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    This should work, as long as both windows belong to the same WindowGroup (by default all windows belong to the WindowMgr group).

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    So, I'm still not able to make this run properly.

    Check the following code example, i also tried to specify the manager, but it didn't worked well.
    Any hints?

    Just throw this into a console where extjs is running:

    function openModalWindow(){
        var win = new Ext.Window({
                        plain: true,
                        modal: true,
                        html: "This is a test",
                        renderTo: document.body,
                        buttons: [{
                            text: 'Open new window',
                            handler: openModalWindow
    In real life, I have panels in a modal window from which I open another modal window.

    Thanks, Andrei.

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    Any ideas?

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    Default SOLVED!

    After more digging, the route of this problem was that I had defined this Javascript function:

    PHP Code:
    Array.prototype.remove = function ( obj ) {    this.splice(obj,1);}; 
    I hope this helps also others.
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