Hi everyone. I need some help.

I have this EditorGrid:

var storeMateriais = new Ext.data.DirectStore({
        directFn: Superaconsole.carregaMateriaisRequisicao, 
        root: 'root',
        idProperty: 'Id',
        fields: [ 
            {name: 'Id', type: 'string'},
            {name: 'Material', type: 'string'},
            {name: 'Plano_de_Conta', type: 'string'},
            {name: 'Quantidade', type: 'string'},
            {name: 'UN', type: 'string'},
              {name: 'Gerado', type: 'string'}
        paramOrder: 'requisicaoid'
storeMateriais.load({params: {requisicaoid: codigo}});

var ColumnModel = new Ext.grid.ColumnModel({
         columns: [
             {header: 'Id', id: "id",  dataIndex: 'Id', hidden: true},
            {header: "Material", id: "Material",  dataIndex: 'Material', editor: editor_combo_material},
            {header: "Plano de Conta", id: "Plano_de_Conta",  dataIndex: 'Plano_de_Conta', editor: editor_combo_planoconta, width: 150},
            {header: "Quantidade", id: "Quantidade",  dataIndex: 'Quantidade', editor: editor_quantidade, width: 70, align: 'right'},
            {header: "UN", id: "UN",  dataIndex: 'UN', width: 30, align: 'center'},
            {header: "Gerado", id: "Gerado",  dataIndex: 'Gerado', width: 50, align: 'center'}

    var grid_materiais = new Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel({
        x: 10,
        y: 185,
        id: 'grid_materiais',
        title: '<center>Materiais</center>',
         frame: false,
         border: true,
         columnLines: true,
         anchor: '-10px',
         enableColumnMove: false,
         enableHdMenu: false,
         bodyStyle: 'border-color: #B5B8C8; padding: 0px;',
         autoExpandColumn: "Material",
        clickstoEdit: 1,
        store: storeMateriais,
        cm: ColumnModel,
        sm: new Ext.grid.RowSelectionModel({singleSelect:true}),  
How you can see the column "Material" have a Editor. That editor is this Combobox:

var storeComboMateriais = new Ext.data.DirectStore({
         directFn: Superaconsole.carregaComboMateriais, 
        root: 'root',
        idProperty: 'Id',
        fields: [ 
            {name: 'Id', type: 'string'},
            {name: 'Material', type: 'string'},
            {name: 'Plano_de_Conta', type: 'string'},
            {name: 'UN', type: 'string'}
     var editor_combo_material = new Ext.form.ComboBox({
         id: 'combo_material',
        store: storeComboMateriais,
        triggerAction: 'all',
        mode: 'remote',
        selectOnFocus: true,
        forceSelection: true,
        lazyRender: true,
        editable: false,
        valueField: 'Material',
        loadingText: 'Carregando Valores',
        listWidth: 300,
        maxHeight: 130
I want to, after the selection of a value in this combobox, change de value from de columns of the grid with the values from the combobox store.

Someone can help me?