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Thread: How to display multiple alerts?

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    Default How to display multiple alerts?

    I tried to generate multiple alerts using for loop.
    For example if my alert messages are
    1.Alert 1
    2.Alert 2
    3.Alert 3
    i got "Alert 3" message only.
    Can any one help me to get multiple alerts on a same event.

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    Do you need that for debugging?
    I use
    PHP Code:
    console.log('my alert message'); 
    for the firefox extension firebug and in addition you can set also breakpoints in your loop.

    or maybe is that what you are searching for:
    First I would like to thank you for your time and knowledge

    Win 7 Ext JS 4.1.3 IE(6-9), FF17

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    I you R trying to achieve this by using Ext.Msg.alert method it wont work since Ext.Msg is singleton so each time U call its alert method it uses same object and just changes the text
    All Best
    Željko Mitrović

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    you woudl need to extend Ext.Window if you want to have multiple floating alert style boxes but it sounds like you want debugging. i would look into firebug -

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