How can I align a set of three buttons to the right side of a top-docked toolbar, and have another single button aligned to the left? I guess in general my question is can I specify the alignment of buttons in tools bars? In ExtJS, you can use something like '->' to align buttons in toolbars, but don't see this as an option in Touch. I see examples of button alignment in the Kitchen Sink, but that is all against Panels using pack and align, not a Toolbar component.

Here is my Toolbar component. I would like to have Home, Search, and Find a Store aligned to the right, and Back aligned to the left but hidden. I will call a method on the component to show the Back button when needed. I just need to figure out how to align the buttons.

mynamespace.views.mainToolbar = new Ext.extend(Ext.Toolbar, {
    id: 'mainToolbar',
    ui: 'light',

    initComponent: function() {
        Ext.apply(this, {
            items: [        
                    id: 'mainToolbarBack',
                    text: 'Back',
                    handler: this.tapHandler,
                    ui: 'back',
                    hidden: true
                    text: 'Home',
                    handler: this.tapHandler,
                    pressed: true
                }, {
                    text: 'Search',
                    handler:  this.tapHandler
                }, {
                    text: 'Find A Store',
                    handler: this.tapHandler

        mynamespace.views.mainToolbar.superclass.initComponent.apply(this, arguments);


Any ideas would be great, thanks!