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Thread: [FIXED-544]Problem with setLoading(false)

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default [FIXED-544]Problem with setLoading(false)

    I have a that listen to beforeload and datachanged. On beforeload I setLoading(true, false) and on datachanged i reset it with setLoading(false).

    The loading of the store is triggered from a text field so if you type quickly in the field the events happend many times. This sometimes causes the following error message in safari on windows.
    TypeError: Result of expression 'this.loadMask' [null] is not an object.
    The reason for this problem is that this.loadMask can be null when you run destroy() on it.

    One possible solution would be to make sure this.loadMask exist before you do destroy.
        setLoading : function(load, targetEl) {
            if (this.rendered) {
                if (load) {
                    this.loadMask = this.loadMask || new Ext.LoadMask(targetEl ? this.getTargetEl() : this.el, Ext.applyIf(Ext.isObject(load) ? load : {}));
                else if(this.loadMask) {
                    this.loadMask = null;
            return this.loadMask;
    Tested in Sencha Touch version 1.0RC1.

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    This has been fixed for the next release, thanks for the report.
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