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Thread: WebKit error with sencha

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    Question WebKit error with sencha

    Hi all,

    I created the GeoTweets example given here . But when I run th application I get the following error.

    WebKitPoint is not defined
    Line 10929

    I compiled the webkit in my machine. Still there is no luck. Do I need to make some other changes to make my browser use the compiled webkit.

    Please let me know why my application is not working.

    Thanks a lot,

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    Did you found solution?

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    Yes I did, basically sencha touch works in web kit based browsers like chrome, safari and others. Its obvious that it will not work with firefox since firefox doesn't use webkit. So to test any sencha touch demos you need chrome or safari.

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    yes, in epiphany browser is good. thank you

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    You legacy code must have tested on Safari, even other webkit based browser not gonna works

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    i have the same problem

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