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Thread: Better support for mouse-events

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    Default Better support for mouse-events

    The on-click ("Click Action") event is nice, but "mouse-over", "mouse-out", "mouse-down", "mouse-release", "drag" (etc.) support would be great.

    As it stands, it's not much work to go into the page code and add it in manually -- but it would be great to be able to handle events directly from the GUI.

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    Default re: better support for mouse events

    I completely agree, it would be great to have better support here. I am new to Sencha Animator( today) but have adapted the page flip "template" and I am soooo impressed with this app! I find it very responsive and the timeline and object tree are intuitive. I haven't found the "on click" event yet, but at least I know it's there somewhere, brilliant.

    oh out of interest could anyone point me to where I can find out about adding more interactivity manually with code?

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    More extensive event support is definitely something we want to add.

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