Hi guys I open this post because, like the title say, I'm looking for really talented web designers to join my development team with strong skills in:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Sencha Animator (plus)

I'm working from years to a project named Aral CMS, that works on Desktop devices and now, even on mobile devices thanks to Sencha Touch. This application is really really big, and will be released at the beginning of 2011 as an open source project under GLP3 license, and will be also available in the Apple Store. Actually the application is composed by over 200 files (javascripts, css, php, pictures, ecc.), and this is not a common CMS.
It includes even a real time chat with animoticons support even on iPad...and I can proudly say that is really beautiful to see!
For the ones that are interested to see it in action or wants more information, please send me an e-mail to [email protected] or send me a private message, and I will create a new free account for you.
The candidates, as I say, need to know CSS3 animations and strong skilled in Vector graphics.

If you want to see some video on how it works on Desktop device, please takes a look to those youtube videos.


If you want see it in action on mobile devices please log in with Safari setting the iPad user agent.
This is important or you will be not able to view the application.

If you have an iPad there's no problem, just log-in at the following address:


using the following accounts:

username: sencha
password: 1234


username: andreacammarata
password: 1234

Try to make a double login on the application with two safari windows to see how the real time notification works!
Please consider that this is still a working progress and the real time chat will be completed before monday, but I will really appreciate any kind of feedback.
Even consider that using this accounts you could have some notifications troubles because maybe another user is using the same account at the same time, so e-mail me to have a reserved accout.

So, I wait for your feedbacks and for talented designers that wanna join my Aral development team!