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Thread: Unable to extend (proxy null)

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    Question Unable to extend (proxy null)


    I'm trying to extend JsonStore to create reusable component to access my rest service.

    The following code works (no extend, in 'onReady'):
    var store ={
                 autoDestroy: true,
                 url: '/decks',
                 root: 'results',
                 restful: true,
                 idProperty: 'id',
                 mode: 'local',
                 fields: [{name: 'id', name: 'name'}]
    But when I do this, the store didn't work:
    Code: = Ext.extend(, {
        initComponent: function() {
            var config = {
                autoDestroy: true,
                url: '/decks',
                root: 'results',
                restful: true,
                idProperty: 'id',
                fields: [{name: 'id', name: 'name'}]
            Ext.apply(this, Ext.apply(this.initialConfig, config));
  , arguments);
        var store = new;
    After looking inside ext-all-debug.js when doing 'store.load()' the proxy variable is not defined. Seems that some initialization logic isn't processed when extending. Any idea ?

    I never experienced such issues when extending other components.

    I've tried different 'way' of extending but nothing change, help more than welcome !


    Alois Cochard

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    A store isn't a component. It has no initComponent method!

    For stores you will need to override the contructor instead.

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    AAAAH ! Shame on me ... really !

    Totally forgot that not everything is Component in ExtJs ... bad Java 'Object' habit :-(

    Thanks a lot, now that's rocks

    Alois Cochard

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