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Thread: Top 10 application List?!

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    Default Yeah, the top 10 list was kinda strange...

    I come from jQuery background, found Sencha Touch to be exciting and learnt Sencha / ExtJS to enter the contest. My app was surely not the greatest. But I felt it was very useful! My reaction to the Top 10 list was that Sencha has probably given more weight to design and aesthetics than innovation or functionality.

    I certainly found some of the top 10 apps to be quite basic. I loved some of the apps that were being discussed in these forums more than the top 10.

    But I think this is alright. Sencha's purpose organizing the contest is different. They want to promote Sencha. And it gets good press if the winning apps look good and are easy to understand by common users.

    I got a lot to learn and I think that's what I am taking for myself from this contest.

    Best to all...

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    Hi niravmehta and thanks for your feedback.
    I agree with you in everything.
    Sencha wanted to promote itself so the judges took the application that was easyer to use for everyone and with the best design so that's ok. I just wanted to express my personal opinion about the innovation requirement Sencha asked into the official contest rules, and, I think, most of us who joined the contest, like you done, tried to develope something usefull instead something "beauty to see". But I'm not a judje, so it's absolutely right that Sencha reserves itself the right to pick the application they was looking for promote the company and the framework. My disappointment was based on this argument: "Sencha Touch is an amazing framework never seen before, so I expect that even the winner application takes all the best about it and become itself something never seen before to show off what you can really develope thanks to Sencha in terms of innovation". Maybe this was a wrong way to live the contest, but that's what I thought to offer to Sencha to promote the company. Nothing more, this is only my personal opinion and interpretation of the contest. My post was not for offence purpose like somebody said.
    However the contest push me up to learn even more how the framework works and I can really say that it offers to developers endless opportunities.

    However, just to everybody know, if you read my previous posts, you already know my BIG problem about my contest entry. Well once again, Sencha doesn't lose the opportunity to demostrate his professionality even in this situation, in fact, after apologize and send me a free coupon to use whenever I want to buy a Sencha product, they invited me to the 2011 Sencha conference with a free pass, airfare and hotel paid for even to demonstrate how much they care about comunity members supports. As I already said in the first post I wrote, even if I was really disappointed about this situation, I really belive in this company and, after the support all the Sencha team reserved me about it, I belive even more in my convinctions.

    Cheers guys and thanks again to all the Sencha Team!

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    Default Cheers!

    Congratulations on winning sponsored entry to next year's conference. That itself is a nice price for all your excellent efforts.

    Time now for me to finish up the pending app and roll it out to general public!

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