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Thread: PagingToolbar & Local Data

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    Default PagingToolbar & Local Data

    // Portion of Ext.onReady() ---->>>>
    var storeMorphProfile = new{
        id: 'storeLexAnalMorphID',
        autoLoad: false,
        fields: ['person', 'first', 'second', 'third']
    var pgTBar = new Ext.PagingToolbar({
        id: 'pgTBarLexAnalMorphID',
        pageSize: 4,
        store: storeMorphProfile
    var colLexAnalMorph = new Ext.grid.ColumnModel({
        defaults: {
            editable: false,
            menuDisabled: true,
            resizable: true,
            sortable: false
        columns: [
            {dataIndex:'person', id:'person', header:"Person"},
            {dataIndex:'first', id:'first', header:"1st"},
            {dataIndex:'second', id:'second', header:"2nd"},
            {dataIndex:'third', id:'third', header:"3rd"}
    var gridLexAnalMorph = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
        id: 'gridLexAnalMorphID',
        autoHeight: true,
        autoWidth: true,
        autoScroll: false,
        bbar: pgTBar,
        border: false,
        colModel: colLexAnalMorph,
        columnLines: true,
        enableColumnMove: false,
        enableColumnResize: true,
        layout: 'fit',
        store: storeMorphProfile,
        stripeRows: true,
        viewConfig: {
    This is a simple paging requirement, but I can't figure out how to use the PagingToolbar to implement it. The catch is that all the data is contained locally. I keep this local data in an array of POJSOs which I build dynamically. Each array element will render in one grid row. The full array will contain 4-24 elements, so there's not much data. The data will always be displayed in blocks of 4 rows. These objects display just fine when I pass the array to store.load(), but they ALL display. We want 4 at a time, not all.

    The PagingToolbar renders properly as configured above. However, an attempt to click the Next button results in the following JS error in FireBug: "this.proxy is undefined".

    I want to call my own handler and not some URL or proxy. My handler will need only to know the start param. A filter on the store, passing a subset of array elements to the store.load() call, etc. That won't be the hard part.

    How do I redirect the Ext handlers on the paging buttons? If I were to use Ext.override(pgTBar, {myFN() here}), which function(s) should I override? Do I implement a specific event listener for this? What is this PagingMemoryProxy that I see referenced by my Google searches? Is there a best way to handle this? Any suggestions?

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    The problem here was to page through data which is contained in local memory space, as opposed to getting each new page from a server. It took too long, but I solved this requirement primarily by writing a beforechange handler.
    // The following occurs in onReady()-type processing ------------>>>
     * Handler for the beforechange event on the PagingToolbar. This replaces the default behavior of PagingToolbar
     * by calling an internal function to load the grid page, and then reset the visual controls and variables.
     * @param thisPTBar     Reference to the PagingToolbar which this supports.
     * @param o             Contains two params:
     *                          start:  Starting array index of the array of all data from which to get data
     *                                  to display for the new paging action.
     *                          limit:  Number of rows per page.
     * @return  This must always return false to avert the default call to load() (in Ext) on the store.
    var onPgTBarBeforeChange = function(thisPTBar, o){
        // My own function which calls store.loadData() with the data set that I set up ...
        // The following mimics the onLoad() function in Ext.PagingToolbar ...
        var status = thisPTBar.getPageData();
        var newPage = (o.start == 0)?1:((o.start / thisPTBar.pageSize)+1);
        this.cursor = (newPage == 1)?0:o.start;
        this.first.setDisabled(newPage == 1);
        this.prev.setDisabled(newPage == 1); == status.pages);
        this.last.setDisabled(newPage == status.pages);
        // Always return false to prevent the store.load() call in the Ext code ...
        return false;
    var storeMorphProfile = new{
        id: 'storeLexAnalMorphID',
        autoLoad: false,
        fields: ['person', 'first', 'second', 'third'],
        root: 'currentMorphProfilePage',
        successProperty: 'success',
        totalProperty: 'allRowCount'
    var pgTBar = new Ext.PagingToolbar({
        id: 'pgTBarLexAnalMorphID',
        pageSize: morphProfileRowForms.length,  // This array length is always 4
        items: [txtLexAnalMorph],
            render: onPgTBarRender,
            beforechange: onPgTBarBeforeChange
        store: storeMorphProfile
    The JSON object structure prepared for the store.loadData() call is in the code-block below. The full set of data is stored in objects {whose fields are ['person', 'first', 'second', 'third']} that get set into allMorphProfileRows[]. The four elements per page from this array are then copied into currentMorphProfilePage[] right before the call to store.loadData(). This occurs in doMorphProfileGridPageLoad() (not included here), as called from the beforechange handler defined above. This mimics paging from local data.
    // Build the object for the JSON reader ...
    var morphProfileJson = {
        allRowCount:(morphProfileCount * this.morphProfileRowForms.length),
        currentMorphProfilePage: [],
        allMorphProfileRows: [],
        stem: []

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    For local paging I recommend my PagingStore user extension (with an patch PagingToolbar that also support local filtering and insert/update/deletes).

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