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    Hi the animator is great, and I can't wait to get deeper into it. At first glance I can't import images i just get the blob! Is this a beta issue?

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    I got a little bit further. In the object properties panel in the right side bar click the "Select Image" button. I did this and it brought a finder window where I selected the file I wanted to import. This overwrote the green blob with a tiny frame icon in my stage window. I gave it a unique name and it still did not render properly. I tried both a.jpg and .png file and neither rendered in the window. Is this a bug?

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    Evidently this is a bug in the Mac. Obviously its a bug in the PC as well. Hope they get it fixed soon. I would like to use this with our UX team to rapid prototype. Untill I can play with my images I really don't know if it will be useful. Here is the link to the bug.

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    We have fixed this bug and will post updated binaries later today.

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    ok I will also try to fix it
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