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Thread: A showcase of the selected 10 would be great

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    Default A showcase of the selected 10 would be great

    I just wondered if any of the contestants work will be showcased after the competition. It would be good to see what people whipped up.

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    Have the top 10 been selected? WIll there be an announcement about it?


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    ya i would also like to know. Well hopefully a post might be made.

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    The deadline is tonight at midnight PST. Judgining will be Thursday and the Top 10 will be posted on Friday.
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    Default Awaiting the short list..

    I submitted an app to the contest too, and am eagerly awaiting for the short list. I saw there are 199 entries so far, so am crossing my fingers about our app

    We have started with a simple idea and I believe it will catch on eventually.

    If we are not in the shortlist, I will post the application URL here for your review. It will be made public otherwise anyway!


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    Our app was not in the Top 10, but we plan to continue developing it further.

    I just posted a thread in the Showcase about Cluster Cards, and welcome your comments.


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    I also submitted a prototype app, which didn't make it in to the top 10. I'd be interested in seeing who made it to the finals...

    If anyone's interested in seeing what I put together, please visit


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    Default That's a cool app you've built Dan

    Hey Dan,

    That's a cool app. I can imagine you had to get past a some technical challenges to build that app.

    Good work!


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    The Top 10 are now rotating at the top of the main contest page

    I'm extremely proud to be there - and seriously impressed by the other nine!

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    Default The Top 10 plus runner up showcase is excellent

    Thanks for putting that together. Gives people a very good idea of what apps are running for the top prize, as well as what you were looking for in the apps.

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