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    Question Use of Registry

    Hi All,

    I am fairly new to GXT so apologies for what might be a trivial question.

    What is the main use of the Regisrty is gxt projects?

    I was hoping to use it as following:

    When the application loads various calls are made to a proxy server via async calls to load data to Lists.
    Each list would be registered with a unique name.

    Meanwhile the client is loading and I want various grids to be tied to the lists in the registry.

    Therefore, should any change in list in the registry happen - the grid will also reflect this change.

    Can the registry be used in such a way?
    Or what would the best way for multple components to reference the same lists of data and to reflect any changes that may occur?

    I hope this explanation makes sense.


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    You can use the Registry to simple safe references you need access somewhere else. Normaly if you use it, something is wrong designed in your app.

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    And no. Simple changing a List on the registry wont change anything. You need to modify the stores bound to the grids.

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    Perhaps, if the registry is not the right way to go, you can advise on the best way to achieve what I'm aiming for.

    When the application loads it fires off some asynchronous calls to a webservice for data.

    My application contains multiple grids and charts.

    When the data request callback executes (typically after the UI is rendered) it processes the data and I want any grid or chart interested in that data to be refreshed with the data that was returned.

    Ideally I don't want the callback function to have to know which grids/charts are wanting the data.

    Is there a good way to achieve this?

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    You would design it as in a real java app for example. There are design patters like MVP or MVC that will really help you with this.

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