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Thread: Displaying Page in sencha

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    Default Displaying Page in sencha

    I have 4 pages.home.js,about.js,contact.js,map.js and single html file index.html referring the 4 pages.
    one tab panel with four icons for 4 pages.

    i have 4 links for 4 pages.
    my problem is that,if i click a second link,the about page should be activated and shown.Is there any way to do this..

    Thanks in advance...

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    Sencha is the company, NOT the product.

    js files are not "pages", they are script files.

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    Hi anishkumar,

    Some code snipets will help us to see what is your problem.
    From what I've read your are looking for setCard() function.

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    Hi anishkumar:

    So far I understood that you are in "home.js" and trying to access to 'about.js'. If I am correct do the following steps:

    Step 01: add following code in "index.html"
    <script type="text/javascript" src="myPath/contact.js"></script>

    Step 02: in the 'contact.js', add everything within function. For example-
    function fnContact(){
    // here is your code

    Step 03: Call the 'contact.js' from the 'home.js'

    var btnLogin = new Ext.Button({
    text: 'Contact',

    If you have any confusion, let my know.

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    @ Riaz : i was trying your code but nothing is happen..............

    can u help me to link one screen to other other....... i have to make a static pages......... not dynamic....

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