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Thread: How to filter an Asynch TreeGrid ?

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    Default How to filter an Asynch TreeGrid ?


    I have a tree which is open in a certain state and I want to filter it using the applyFilters method from the TreeStore.
    • 1st try : calling applyFilter on a stateLess tree (stateful set to false)
      The filter goes into each element and set the "filtered" property correctly, then thru the onDataChanged method of the TreeGrid, all elements get removed except the root element.
      As a result : only root element is displayed and clicking on it doesn't even expand the node

    • 2nd try : calling applyFilter on a stateFul tree (stateful set to true)
      As a result I have a stakeoverflow due to infinite loop between setExpanded called by statefulExpand method causing again a loadChildren (line 468) catch by the OnLoad on the tree store which detects at this time the filter (line 788) and so call ApplyFilter again.

    Here I cannot use the tip of "intercepting BeforeExpand", as this event is not fired.
    I've seen also a variable called filtering line 125 - TreeGrid - which is never changed but used line 463, maybe passing this as parameter of setExpanded can solve the problem in case of stateful tree ?

    I'm using GXT 2.2.0 release.

    Any clue or workaround would be appreciated

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    Did you get some answer, solution or workaround? I'm now stuck on exactly the same problem.

    Thanks by advance,


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    Yes, I did

    Here is the trick :

    Just after injecting the TreeModel in your view (and so your treeStore) you have to
    1. clear the filters
    2. Expand all your tree
    3. then apply again your filter
    In that way you will have something consistent in terms of filtering options after a (re) load

    // ... load here your tree model 
    boolean wasFiltered = treeStore.isFiltered();
    if (wasFiltered)
    if (wasFiltered)

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    How can i know that complete tree is expanded? When we call immediately after the expandall method.

    It doesn't work for me

    Thanks in advance

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