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Thread: sizing a grid to an explicit number of rows

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    Default sizing a grid to an explicit number of rows

    I'm trying to size a grid based on the desired number of rows (page size).

    Currently I have the grid set to autoHeight = true.

    I limit my result set to 10 records per page. This works fine if my search results in more than 10 records.

    However, when less than 10 records come back (say 2 for example) my grid only has a height for 2 rows.

    I'm wondering if there is a way to explicitly size the grid to 10 records. I'm hesitant to estimate based on pixels as I think this will be harder to maintain and could lead to cross-browser rendering issues.

    I'm also letting the user choose their page size and storing this in a cookie. So, I can't just set the grid height to a static value.

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    After rendering the rows, you can query the height of the mainBody, add the height of the header and padding and use this to set the height of the grid.

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