I have a toolbar docked to the bottom of my app. It's html is just an iframe with a fixed width. Changing the iframe's width does properly affect the height of the toolbar however, the height of it's container 'x-panel-body' has a height of 4 pixels more than the iFrame.

var frameCode = "<iframe style=\"padding:0; margin:0;\" id=\"myframe\" name=\"myframe\" href=\"\" src=\"myframe.html\" width=\"100%\" height=\"50\" scrolling=\"no\" frameborder=\"0\" marginwidth=\"0\" marginheight=\"0\" />";

this.myBar = new Ext.Toolbar({
     ui: 'dark',
     dock: 'bottom',
     centered: 'true',
     html: frameCode
Not sure if I should get rid of this padding through some CSS or if there's a different type setting somewhere that I need to change.