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Thread: Allowing CellSelectionModel to select multiple cells

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    Default Allowing CellSelectionModel to select multiple cells

    In an attempt to create an "Excel" like functionality with the Grid, I have changed the default Grid Selection Model to be the CellSelectionModel, since that allows for individual cell selection. However, the SelectionMode.MULTI is not supported as far as I can tell with the CellSelectionModel, is that correct?

    If so, what would be the approach to support a CellSelectionModel with SelectionMode.MULTI?

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    Yes that is correct. It is not supported. CellSelectionModel only supported selecting of a single cell. At the moment, if selectCell is called, all old selection is cleared. You will need to extend CellSelectionModel and override how it is working at the moment.

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    Default Allowing CellSelectionModel to select multiple cells.

    Ok, took your advice and built the MultiCellSelectionModel class that extends CellSelectionModel and supports the selection of multiple cells using the SHIFT or CTRL keys + arrow keys or mouse.

    Have not fully tested the class, but seems to be working correctly so far. For those of you interested in using this in your application simply :

    grid.setSelectionModel(new MultiCellSelectionModel<ModelData>());

    source code is attached.
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    Sorry, forgot to mention, in order to get a list of selected cells, simply call MultiCellSelectionModel.getSelections(). If the resulting list is empty, it means multiple cells where not selected.

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    Default Errror:onCellSelect(row, cell);

    Hi i am trying to use ur class in my application ...but it shows error while calling the onCellSelect(row, cell) and onCellDeSelect(row, cell) ....Its a protected method in GridView class can we use this method ...
    I need the multiselection and copy paste functionlity in grid ...

    Thanks in advance if it will be a sample code:

    Deepak S

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    Please visit here: for discuss more.

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