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Thread: Text crosses div or screen boundaries

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    Default Text crosses div or screen boundaries

    Hi there,

    I have implemented custom Facebook and twitter pages. I works great for almost all feeds and posts, but every now and then the text of one or two of the posts/feeds will run across the div/screen boundaries. It happens randomly for only a few posts.

    Anyone come across this yet?

    Kind Regards,

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    It's a little bit vague to answer. What do you mean by "custom" pages? What are you expecting when the posts are too long?

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    My apologies for the vague description.

    I use the Facebook and Twitter API's to retrieve posts/tweets from the respective servers. These posts/tweets are added to scrollable lists in my application. My list items are just regular divs [<div class="list_item">{Message_Text}</div>] which take the text of the posts/tweets. Everything works great 99% of the time. When I run the app on an iPad the text wraps to the iPad screen size, and when I run the app on an iPhone, the text wraps to the iPhone screen size.

    But every so often, a post does not wrap and just continues until it run's off-screen. Not in a single line (it still wraps to some degree), but it wraps too late to keep all text on screen. It just goes a little to far on each line. It is not that the posts are too long or bigger than expected. There is plenty room to contain these wayward blocks of text.

    Please let me know if it's still too vague.

    Note: This only happens on my iPod Touch (Gen 3) running Safari, and NOT on my Android emulator. May be a Safari bug rather than the Sencha Touch library's fault.


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    Are you doing anything with CSS to help with the overflow? You could check out the overflow property and text-overflow property if not. You can specify the overflow property to the x or y axis too.
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    Check this thread out:

    The answer to your problem is on Page 2.

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