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Thread: Tree grid row selection and column position at begin

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    Smile Tree grid row selection and column position at begin

    I am using Ext.ux.tree.TreeGrid class for creating tree like grid. Everything is working fine. All nodes dynamically load from server-side.

    I have two issues in tree-grid panel.

    1. I can not add the column before the tree column. I can add the column after tree-grid. But in my project I required to add column before tree-column. ( example for column : : i.e. I can not move 'Duration' column before 'Task' column ).

    2. I want the id of node on mouse-over event with this tree-grid.

    Please let me know if any are genius in EXTJS



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    Question 1 already answered in your first post.

    Question 2:
    TreePanel doesn't have a mouseover event, but it does have mouseover processing when the tree is configured with trackMouseOver:true.
    You could extend Ext.ux.tree.TreeGridNodeUI.prototype.onOver to add your own processing.

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