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Thread: EditorGrid + Combobox expansion in a single click

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    Lightbulb EditorGrid + Combobox expansion in a single click

    I have an editor grid with a combobox for one column. By default, it looks like in order to show the list of options in the combobox, a user has to click once to activate the editor and show the combobox, and then click again to open the combobox list so that they can select an option. I would like to have this only require a single click. My ideas are to:
    a) show the combobox on mouseover for the cells
    b) auto-expand the dropdown list when the user clicks a cell to show the combobox editor

    I would prefer option (a), but are either of these possible? I have searched the forums a lot, and tried a few different ways of adding a listener to the combobox to call the expand() method after it is shown, but it did not work. Any other ideas?

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    By "did not work", I mean that either nothing happened, or the combobox did not get auto-expanded and I would get a javascript error when trying to expand it manually. I saw in another post that changing the expanded status manually like this can cause problems with its internal state.

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    For option b you could try:
    editor: new Ext.grid.GridEditor(new Ext.form.ComboBox({
    }), {
      listeners: {
        startedit: function(){
    Option a is not really possible. The only other solution is to show editor for all fields (see my EditableGrid user extension), but that should only be used on very small grids.

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    Thanks for the reply. I tried your suggestion, but it didn't seem to change the behavior -- I click once to show the dropdown, then need to click a second time to expand the dropdown list. I'm using the IconCombo class too. Would there be any issues with this?

    The following is what I have:
    editor: new Ext.grid.GridEditor(
       new Ext.ux.IconCombo({ 
          forceSelection: true, 
          triggerAction: 'all', 
          lazyRender: true, 
          mode: 'local',
          editable: false 
          listeners: { startedit: function(){ this.field.expand(); } } 

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    Here is a solution in ExtJS 6 classic:

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