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Thread: [Solved] what event is fired when node is invalid in treepanel

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    Default [Solved] what event is fired when node is invalid in treepanel

    hi everyone

    When a node is dropped it goes to beforenodedrop event in TreePanel

    But what happens when node is invalid ? it doesn't drop and so beforenodedrop event is not notified

    What event is that????? Can somebody please tell me?????

    Thanks alot in advance

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    Really there isn't any event that is fired when a node is invalid????

    There must be some event???

    Please somebody help me

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    No, there is no event.

    You would have to do an inline override onNodeDrop (in dropConfig), that checks the return value from the original onNodeDrop.

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    Thanks for replying

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    Hi everyone

    To do some processing on a tree node after an invalid drop, there is a method in Ext.tree.TreeDragZone, override that method :

    Ext.override(Ext.tree.TreeDragZone, {
                // Code to be processed on node after an invalid drop
                this.dragging = false;
            getRepairXY : function(e){
                return false;
    Hope that helps somebody.

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