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Thread: "ext-all.js only" philosophy is unacceptable

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    Default "ext-all.js only" philosophy is unacceptable

    Jack & crew,

    I love Ext. It's a great library, and I'm learning to love it more and more every day.

    However, the "just use ext-all.js" that is apparent throughout examples, documentation, and this forum is unacceptable in my opinion.

    If I want to take advantage of, say, a date picker and a tabbed interface, I should not have to load up an extra 200k+ of JS that the page will not need just to serve up that file.

    The "build your own Ext" is either out of date or incomplete, and doesn't cover the scenarios where I'd want to use a different recipe of files on one area of a site versus another. What is truly needed, more than any other feature, is a clear (and constantly current) explanation of what the dependencies are for each package I might want to use, so that I can mix and match easily without "just using ext-all.js".

    I realize that you guys are in an arms race with other JS libraries for features, and documentation can fall by the wayside as a result, but believe me when I say that "clear documentation that let's your users play" is a feature that most JS libraries sorely lack. While Ext docs are far better than most, they're still missing the basic information that would allow me to be selective about what I force my users to download.

    As a paying Ext Subscription member, that's my #1 feature request, and support request. I probably wouldn't have many (or any) support questions if the documentation I'm describing were available.

    I hope you'll consider it.

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    There is no "ext-all.js philosophy." Not sure where you got that. The examples on our site obviously use that file since there would be no point in making (and maintaining) dozens of custom include files just to show examples that essentially use the entire framework anyway. That doesn't mean we advocate you doing the same thing in your app.

    As you mentioned, there is a build your own page that should be up-to-date -- if it is not, as you claim, please let us know what issues you are having. We updated that page after the 1.1 release, and aside from one missing dependency that was reported (and fixed) we haven't heard of any other major issues with it.

    Another option is to use JS Builder to custom build any combination of files you want. The packages that are set up in the main ext.jsb file under the Build Settings tab show all the dependencies, in order, for each package when you edit it. Granted, this is not perfect, but it gives a great starting point for the things most people would need.

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    Well, you should also re-think that 200kb+ thing.

    It sounds really huge but for Ext you just need three files (ext-all, adapter, css) which can be compressed, too. Those three files will be loaded faster that tons of single files (the approach Dojo had done AFAIK) and they are cached by the browser. Caching is a very important feature most web application developers ignore.

    So look at a 200kb cached javascript file: everything you need (or will be needed in the future like tooltips, windows and so on) will be available without loading them again.

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