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Thread: Show "Loading" message before load a Grid

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    Default Show "Loading" message before load a Grid

    Hello people!

    I'd like to know how insert a "Loading..." message before load a Grid using XMLDataModel (like this example - - at Jack's blog). I looked the documentation but I didn't find.

    Help me please!


    Cadu de Castro Alves

    Obs.: Sorry my bad English

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    Default a way to do it (Show "Loading" message before load

    you can try this, i dont know if is the right way......

    your html:
            <link href="web/css/jack/loading.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet">
            <link href="web/css/jack/grid.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet">
            <div id="loading">
                <div class="loading-indicator">Loading...</div>
            <script language="JavaScript" src="web/js/jack/yahoo_2.0.6.js"></script>
            <script language="JavaScript" src="web/js/jack/dom_2.0.5.js"></script>
            <script language="JavaScript" src="web/js/jack/event_2.0.6.js"></script>
            <script language="JavaScript" src="web/js/jack/dragdrop_2.0.6.js"></script>
            <script language="JavaScript" src="web/js/jack/animation_2.0.5.js"></script>
            <script language="JavaScript" src="web/js/jack/connection_2.0.5.js"></script>
            <script language="JavaScript" src="web/js/jack/yui-ext.js"></script>
            <script language="JavaScript" src="web/js/grids/your-grid.js"></script>
            <div id="grid-editor" class="ygrid-mso"></div>
    Grid = function(){
    return {
            init : function(){
    YAHOO.util.Event.on(window, 'load', Grid.init, Grid, true);
    I hope that this helps to you

    PD. Sorry for my bad English :lol:

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