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Thread: Tree node indent issue

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    Default Tree node indent issue

    I am having some issues with the child nodes in my tree not indenting properly.

    Based on what I've seen from the extjs samples the child nodes should be indented as far as the parent node's image (typically a folder icon). However in my tree some are not pushed out that far some are. Please see attached image:


    I've used firebug to try to see why my nodes aren't indenting but nothing is jumping out at me as obvious. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    it uses the
    HTML Code:
    <span class="x-tree-node-indent">
    double check that you have mapped the Ext.BLANK_IMAGE_URL (s.gif) file properly in your code. Possible that this is causing the issue because it cannot create the appropriate 1x1 square to use for the indent

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    Thanks for the response. It turned out there was a bit of css that someone else on our team had written that was overriding the width on the .x-tree-icon class that was supposed to be for a different tree. Unfortunately since it was a open change to .x-tree-icon it affected all trees. I added another css class to the css selector to make it more specific and it worked fine.

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