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Thread: line char performance issues

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    Question line char performance issues

    i'm playing with line charts in EXTJS3.2.1 in IE7.
    and the version of swf is 2.8.0

    but it's very slow for me to show about 4-5 charts which just has 2-3 lines each.
    and the amount of the data for every charts is less than 30 records.

    it takes about 10 seconds to show all the charts. i have no idea about how to improve the performance.

    the below is the source code,
    take it easy , that's not virnus.
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    No surprise. Flash is really slow.

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    come on man.
    is there some other surprise for me?
    that's to say.
    is there some other charts of open-source js framework for us?

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