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Thread: What happened to Solitaire example in version 0.95 - why removed?

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    Default What happened to Solitaire example in version 0.95 - why removed?

    Anyone know what the story is with the Solitaire example app being taken out of the /examples on the 0.95 release? Were there too many issues that couldn't be addressed?

    I'm bummed because to me, that example was a very good basis a project I'm interested in working on. It did some graphical things whereas the other examples are pretty vanilla app components stuff.


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    It's still online (, but the source is a great reference. Will it not be distributed or shared any longer?


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    I still have the example source for 0.93 version, but when I bring the example up on Safari served through Apache it comes up sideways? See attached screenshot. Is this a known issue. The web version comes up fine in the same browser -


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    It's going under some refactoring, it will likely come back in a future release.

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    Any update on the solitaire code coming back to the examples in the distribution? It's still not there in 1.0.1a. I'm really interested in the card/dragging implementation. Any other means of getting at the source?


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    Default How to get the new source code

    I am interested in this game too. it will be a very good sample how the sencha is able to get in the gaming business. Is anybody know how to get the source codes?

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    Any change on this? I would help me out a lot to see the source for this app.

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    Default Waiting For the Answer

    Hello I am new here...
    Tonylsg I am also waiting for the answer for the same question as also interested to play

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