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Thread: Change the tab panel dynamically according to the store load

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    Question Change the tab panel dynamically according to the store load

    hi all,

    i have 2 tab panels, i am having a search option in tab panel with two different forms,In that when the page is loaded the previous search s are shown in fields, its working correctly. now i want the tab panel to change according to the value specified in the load.
    this id the store:
    var ds1 = new{
            proxy: new{ //pruneModifiedRecords: true,
            url: 'saved_search.php',
            method: 'POST'
        reader: new{
            root: 'results',
            id: 'alert_detail_id',
            fields: ['types', 'category_name']
    listeners: {
        load: function (thisDS,records,options)
            if (this.reader.jsonData.success) {
                if (records.length > 0) {
    the json format:
    ({"results":[{"category_name":"c1","types":"types:","search typr":"Basic search"}],"success":"true"})If the search type is basic search the basic tab panel should be active and vice cersa for advanced panel please see the image for detailsf1.jpg

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    Well you're half way there. Why not inspect the contents of the record and set the active tab accordingly.

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