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Thread: How to assign ID to <input> text field and retrieve via JavaScript?

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    Question How to assign ID to <input> text field and retrieve via JavaScript?

    Hello, I'want to do something like this to create a login form and retrieve the username/password:

            var loginPanel = new Ext.Panel({
                id: 'login-window',
                xtype: 'fieldset',
                cls: 'fieldset-login',
                title: 'Welcome. Please log in to continue.',
                items: [{
    		id: 'textfield-username',
                    xtype: 'textfield',
                    placeholder: 'User ID'
                }, {
    		id: 'textfield-password',
                    xtype: 'passwordfield',
                    placeholder: 'Password'
                }, {
                    xtype: 'button',
                    cls: 'button-login',
                    handler: ...,
                    text: 'Log In',
    var username = Ext.cmp('textfield-username');
    var password = Ext.cmp('textfield-password');
    The problem is that even though I'm specifing an "id" property for the username and password text fields, the id actually gets applied to the parent <div> nodes--*not* the <input> element.

    Can anyone suggest how I can get the id to apply to the input field itself, which would make it much easier for me to retrieve the username password (e.g., var username = Ext.cmp('textfield-username); )?


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    Use getValue on the component, you don't need to access the field directly.
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