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Thread: Trouble initialize tbar dynamically

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    Default Trouble initialize tbar dynamically

    I'm having some (for me) odd difficulties to initialize a the tbar-config in a gridpanel.
    If I initialize the tbar static, aka:
    tbar : [ { ... }] it works swell.

    But If I use a global variable somewhere else:
    var tBar = "[{ ... }]";

    and then later on in my extJs do like this:
    tbar: tBar
    The tbar is just treated as a string, or in other words, when I later do an alert, it will just print
    a plain string. Whereas the static initialization would give something like {Object Object}, {Object Object}, ...

    Any suggestions why this happen and what to do?

    Ole Christian

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    var tBar = [{ ... }];
    and not
    var tBar = "[{ ... }]";

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    Hi Condor!
    Thanks for your reply.
    I initially tried that, but the error I got from had nothing to about the structure (I realize now) but from an unknown handler.
    This however will be easily solved.
    Thanks again!

    Ole Christian

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