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Thread: [CLOSED-267] Sencha Touch API docs lacking some "Sencha Platform" content?

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Question [CLOSED-267] Sencha Touch API docs lacking some "Sencha Platform" content?

    It seems that some things which Sencha Touch inherits from the "sencha platform" (i.e., stuff shared between Touch and Ext JS) are missing from the Touch API docs.

    For example, the Touch API docs for Ext.Container excludes the "items" config option and add() function. It's mentioned in the overall description, but not in the "Config Options" and "Public Methods" sections.

    Probably not high-priority, but as a newbie, this was pretty confusing (especially since items and add() are fundamental parts of every app).

    (Apologies if this is already known/being tracked.)

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    Looks like the doc builder went a bit strange with the split. We're looking into it.
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    This is already fixed in our repo. The problem was because Ext.Component doc had @extends from Ext.util.Observable rather than Ext.lib.Component.
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