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    Wink MessageBox.wait

    When I run
    MessageBox messageBox = MessageBox.wait(a, b, c);
    [Then execute code.]
    Then the code is executed before the waiting dialog is rendered. It should, of course, be executed afterwards.

    How can I implement this correctly, not making it a race condition?

    (What events does a Dialog fire after render? Any methods I can override in Dialog that will make this work? I already tried overriding both afterRender and onRender. Events are incredibly poorly documented! )

    Please, help!

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    It probably wont work like that. As the browser is in a hang and does not update the UI.

    Try something like this:

    MessageBox messageBox = MessageBox.wait(a, b, c);
    DeferredCommand.addCommand(new Command(){
    public void execute(){
    [Then execute code.]

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    Thank you very much!

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