Hello All,

I am trying to pre-populate an Edit form with values that are selected from a grid. When a person clicks on a row in a grid it pre-populates a form so that if they press an Edit button that I have in the grids toolbar so they can make changes, save, ect, ect...

I usually put a listener on the rowselect event of the grid and then use the setValues() function of my form to populate with the data from the selected row. This works fine for all my fields except for a new form that I'm working on that has a MultiSelect object in it. I get an error...

this.view is undefined

... when it gets to the line

in the Multiselect.js file.

In looking around at...
... and ...

... it would seem its because the form isn't rendered yet. That is true, the form doesn't actually render to the page until the Edit button in the Grid is pressed. I tried the fix in the second link above and it still didn't do the trick for me.

I know I must be missing something simple, setValues works sooooo well with the other form fields. Can someone please tell me how to pre-populate the MultiSelect object with values before the form is actually rendered like the other form components do?

I have alot of code, but I'll be happy to post if needed.