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Thread: [CLOSED]Component.onShow and Component.onHide overwrite the animation.after function

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    Default [CLOSED]Component.onShow and Component.onHide overwrite the animation.after function

    It would be nice if those methods wouldn't overwrite the .after function passed in the animation config.

    For example, the following example will never call the after function.

    myComponent.hide({type: 'pop', after: function() { ... }});
    Inside Component.js the code for adding the after handler in onHide should be something like:
    var after = function() {
    if (hideConfig.after) 
        hideConfig.after = after.createInterceptor(hideConfig.after, hideConfig.scope||this);
        hideConfig.after = after;
    This will call the after function before calling the existing animation.after function
    The same should be done in the onShow function.


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    This is actually already the case, you should see it in the next release.
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