I had been using Ext.applyIf, which was not overriding the settings. Now has been corrected


I have a ComboBox on my EditorGrid that I have outlined below. The problem I am having is when I add a new row to the table, I have to type in text into the box (4 characters) before my list of items will show up. When it's an existing row, the combobox loads fine with the data I want when I just click on it.

I want the same behavior when the user to click on the list in a blank new row and have the items show up, however I cannot seem to get the store to load the remote data unless I do the typing into the field. I've tried a few variations on options from the documentation, but cannot seem to get it to do this behavior.

The Proxy on this calls my backend, which generates the list from indexed columns (I do also have another combo that does the same, but on a another table that I link via an FK)

This is the current version of my code:


ArcticFox.combos.FacilityCombo = Ext.extend(Ext.form.ComboBox, {

  FACILITY_COMBO_API  : '/facilities/combobox',
  FACILITY_COMBO_GROUP : 'fgroup',  

  initComponent : function() {
    this.valueField = this.fieldType;
    this.displayField = this.fieldType;

    Ext.applyIf(this, {
      minChars : 1,
      lazyRender  : true,
      mode  : 'remote',
      store : this.buildStore()
  buildProxy  : function() {
    return new Ext.data.HttpProxy({
      url : this.FACILITY_COMBO_API
  buildStore  : function() {
    return new Ext.data.JsonStore({
      root  : 'rows',
      baseParams  : {
        column  : this.fieldType
      fields  : [
          name    : this.fieldType,
          mapping : this.fieldType
      proxy : this.buildProxy()