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Thread: Field within tabpanel not properly initialized

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    Default Field within tabpanel not properly initialized

    So this is a weird bug.

    I have a tabpanel with two tabs, both have the exact same content, a trigger field positioned with the absolute layout manager.

    It works fine in FF, but with IE8, I have a small problem. The tab activated by default isn't properly initialized. It's not rendered correctly.

    Right now, I will probably try to activate the tab after some waiting time to fix the problem.

    Here's the code that creates both panel of the tabpanel:

    new Ext.Panel({
                    title: 'my title',
                    layout: 'absolute',
                    height: 72,
                    items: new Ext.form.TriggerField({
                        x: '10%',
                        y: '25',
                        height: '30',
                        anchor: '80%',
                        triggerClass: 'searchFieldTrigger',
                        listeners: {
                            specialkey: function(f, e) {
                            if(e.getKey() == e.ENTER){
                                // do something
    You may want to look at the screenshot to see what it should look like, and what it actually looks like.

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    The first thing I noticed is that you have string values for 'x', 'y', and 'height' in your TriggerField() config... which should be plain integer values. I don't know if that's causing any funkiness on your end, but it's a starting point.

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