Hi everybody,

i have problem with page navigation after filter the grid.. default my grid display 11 records and page navigation toolbar display exact page number. if i display 5 record per page means it will show page number 3.

i supposed to filter the grid, after filter the grid it should display less than total count(11). when i click filter button, grid display correct no of records(filter button not in page navigation toolbar) and page navigation bar display correct no of totalcount and page number,for example (after filtered total count 8 and total page no is 2 here i display 5 records per page)but when i click next button to see remaining records in page navigation bar its total count changes to 11 and page no chages to 3(ie total records) but the grid displays correct no of records..

i wish to display correct no of records in pagenavigation bar when i click next button.

tbar : new Ext.PagingToolbar({
id : 'ticketPbar',
store : getTicketStore(), // This is the funtion which set total count as 11, its read records from php file.
displayInfo : true,
displayMsg : 'Displaying records {0} - {1} of {2}',
emptyMsg : "No records to display",
listeners : ({
'change' : function(toolBar, pageData) {
ticketGrid.store.reload({ // below codes are used to filter the grid
params : {
sr_status_id : Sr_Id,
active_page : pageData.activePage,
page_size : sessionPageSize
callback : function(r, options, success) {
ticketRecordArr = r;

scope : this

i have added the above code in pagenavigation bar's listeners(change).

pls any one do the needfull