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Thread: Is any body used the chart of ScatterChart?

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    Exclamation Is any body used the chart of ScatterChart?

    In the version of 2.1.1, there is some problem with ScatterChart, maybe it's a bug.
    1.The ScatterChart hasn't the method of setDataProvider(), so, in the class of ChatModel, method updateYScale() always throw NullPointException, because the var of "max" and "min" always is null. So I modified this class add the method of setDataProvider().
    2.There is no DataProvider can used by ScatterChart, so I created a class named ScatterDataProvider, like this:

    public void populateData(ChartConfig config) {
    ScatterChart chart = (ScatterChart) config;

    for (ModelData m : store.getModels()) {
    Number n = getValue(m);
    Number l = getNumberLabel(m);
    if (n != null && l!=null) {
    chart.addPoint(n, l);

    private Number getNumberLabel(ModelData model){
    Number value = null;
    if (labelProperty != null) {
    Object o = model.<Object> get(labelProperty);
    if (o != null) {
    if (o instanceof String) {
    value = Double.parseDouble((String) o);
    } else if (o instanceof Number) {
    value = (Number) o;
    return value;
    I used the ScatterDataProvider, but it always can't display the data
    How can I do???

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    Default nobody used ScatterChart?

    nobody used ScatterChart?

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    I haven't used that one exactly, but if you could weather an upgrade to 2.2.0 beta I think there's finally a fix for the Double vs. double min/max Y NPE. Otherwise, do a search on the forms for ideas for a workaround, there're posts in here somewhere.

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    I just started using scatter chart. I am on version 2.2.5.

    your problem prob has to do with the fact you swapped n and l in chart.addPoint(n, l);

    However, past that point, I am facing the problem that the dots don't display on the chart, unless you hover the mouse over it. Anyone fixed that? I have been looking at this all day, no solution yet.

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