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Thread: avoid conflict in css

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    Default avoid conflict in css

    Hi I have a template done in joomla, this have a css, i need to insert in this template an extjs window, it appear but I am having issue with styles, (the height in the toolbar is wrong )the joomla template are using
    TABLE {
    margin: 10px 0px 10px 0px;

    and the toolbar in ext.window appear wrong, I was playing to set the css/ext-all.css" in different position and not work and I can't modified the joomla template, so how can i avoid conflict the ext components in this case,
    I need that the extjs get the right css and not from joomla template,
    a little help is welcome, i was playing with properties cls, ctCls but I ca'nt fix the issue.


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    A lot of other code is not properly namespaced. Try moving ext-all.css at the end of your CSS calls.

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