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Thread: Show grid inside a grid?

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    Default Show grid inside a grid?

    I am trying to create a grid inside a grid when a user clicks a link. For example, if a grid is showing the following rows (first row is header) -
    Pete Sampras
    Andre Agassi
    Roger Federer

    I want to -
    1. Have a link on the lastname which fires a function
    2. This function should make a call to the server and get a list of last 5 matches played by that player.
    3. The list of matches should now be displayed (as a grid) right below that players name in the parent grid AND move the rest of the player names below it.

    If somebody clicks (Sampras), the grid would become -

    Pete Sampras
    Tournament Date Played Opponent Win/Lose Score
    Davis Cup 1/1/2007 abc Win 6-4,6-0,6-0
    US Open 1/2/2007 xyz Win 7-6,6-1,6-0
    Andre Agassi
    Roger Federer
    Is this possible with ext 1.1 ? Would it be possible to do this in ext 1.2 ?

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    I also need to do so. I guess we could use an hidden div element under each rows of the first grid where we could integrate the new data grid :

    Pete Sampras
    <hidden div for sampras>
    Andre Agassi
    <hidden div for agassi>
    Roger Federer
    <hidden div for federer>

    how can i insert these div into the first grid ?

    Edit : more info here =>

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