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Thread: about Ext.ux.Chart.Fusion.Panel

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    Question about Ext.ux.Chart.Fusion.Panel

    I have a problem about "Ext.ux.Chart.Fusion.Panel".First I load a data to the chart panel,then i click a button to load the second data into the chart panel,but when I change the browser size , the chart data will auto change to the first data .Why does it change auto.I spent a lot of time on it,but i still can not find the reason.How can i do when the browser change size to keep the current data in the chart panel. This is my part code :
    var PerformanceCPUFusion = Ext.extend(Ext.ux.Chart.Fusion.Panel, {
     constructor : function(config) {,  Ext.apply({
       border : false,
       height : 250,
       chartURL : Eway.FUSION_SWF_URL + '/widget/RealTimeArea.swf  ',
       chartData : this.getXml(),
       disableCaching : false,
       chartCfg : { 
        id : "memoryChart" ,
        params : {
         flashVars : {
          debugMode : 0,
          lang : 'EN'
         renderOnResize : false
      }, config));

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    Use a reference to your data generator, and chart class will call that function as needed:

    chartData : this.getXml,  //function reference
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