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Thread: howto find component within a form

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    Default howto find component within a form

    I would like to find the spinner component and set a value for it without
    using getCmp and a dynamic id, although that is the only function that worked sofar.
    var myId = myId +d.getTime();
    I tryd all a lot off diffferent approches but they all fail.
    I get the idea that this problem is only related to compositefields.

    Can anyone show me possibly a different way to get a reference to a component inside a compositefield?
    Other techniques I could use possibly??

    First off, I have a reference to the container panel set at the start off initComponent
    ,initComponent:function() {
            var pan = this;
    from there I start adding items
    var config = {bodyStyle:'padding:5px',autoHeight: true, defaults: { anchor: '0'},frame:true,
                {xtype: 'compositefield',fieldLabel: blah',anchor: '-20',itemId:'boo'
                        items: [{xtype:combo,
                       listeners:{select: {fn: function(){
                                            test= pan.find('itemId','boo');

    Thanks, Richard

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    You should have a look at the 'ref' config option.

    ps. Both 'ref' and find() won't find a component inside a CompositeField (open issue). I recommend using a HBox container instead.

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    Thanks, I will remember that next time
    For now, it does the job ok.

    I hope it can do a loadrecord, - but will see about that later.

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